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Tang Guanhua| 唐冠华

About TangGuanhua

Mr. Tang Guanhua was born in 1989 in the city of Tsingdao, on the Shandong peninsula of China. He never liked school, quoting his own word ”I did no homework after I was 15”. Naturally, he dropped out of high school and worked independently as a graphic designer and performance artist. During this period he created many influential street art projects such as “beggar in a suit”, “street police helping small merchants” etc., which attracted massive media reports.

AnotherLand project was initiated by Mr. Tang and his friends. As young people they used to hang out together in a seaside house, making music, poetry, art and films, before they started to create the concept of“intentional community”. But gradually, due to financial and family reasons, this group of friends fell apart. Therefore he always wanted to build a place where people can freely concentrate and develop their spiritual interests without worrying about material pressure. This was the original motivation of AnotherLand project.

IIn year 2011, Guanhua and his wife moved away from Tsingdao city into LaoShan mountains, which is not only beautiful but also famous for its Daoism history. They started a life independent from modern society by creating everything with their own hands: house, furniture, food garden, toilet, energy, washing machine, clothes, paper, cooking ingredients etc. They did this as an art project: they documented the process of experience and solutions, built an Self-Sufficiency Laboratory in hope of helping the future youth who want to leave the city and live independently. Therefore they established an NGO “AnotherLand”, the first and only NGO in China focusing on eco-community development.

ILater they got to know eco-communities in other parts of the world, also they reflected deeply about Daoist philosophies and modern lifestyles. Inspired by these concepts and practices, he organized twice in China“Intentional Community Summit” which was the first platform of Chinese intentional community practitioners. It attracted interested media including Reuters, New York Times, BBC, Der Spiegel, NKH, the Xinghua News Agency etc. In order to help Chinese people better understand the concept of intentional community and build efficient communication, he re-coined the concepts of “eco-community, eco-village, shared community, co-housing etc.” into the new concept “intentional community”, thus he is regarded“the founder of China’s intentional community movement” by mass media in China.

Since 2015, he founded an experimental intentional community “Southern Life” in a village in southern China. Thousands of people had lived here for short term or long term, exploring sustainable lifestyles. With common values, people came here from around the world. Here every one has to take the responsibility of taking care of each other. The community is decentralized and has no authoritative leader.

In 2018 he was nominated for the United Nations Young Champions of the Earth. In 2017 he was nominated for the Equator Award of United Nations Development Program. in 2015 he won the Top 10 Charity Projects Award by People's Network Global Fashion List. In 2014 he won the Post-85s China Public Welfare Figure Award by "City Zine".

His conceptual artworks have been collected by: Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing, ArtMia, Beijing Jiuceng Gallery, Rong Bao Zhai, Fujian ZhenRo Foundation, Alibaba Foundation, HSBC, Tamera Peace Research and Educational Center of Portugal, Italian intentional community Damanhur , Helsinki Festival Organizing Committee, Berlin East Side Gallery, Xishuangbanna Kanuo tribe etc.

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