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The "Wild Lily Project" is a social experiment voluntarily initiated by natural persons around the world to explore blood relationship, intergenerational relationship and kinship ethics. The plan was established for freedom of life, and all actions are premised on respect for freedom of life. It is a reflection on moral ethics, behavior norms, marriage, education, and gender that are taken for granted in daily life. If all these rules and norms are excluded, how can people be born and live?

  • Maybe you don't want to establish a marriage, but you want to have children.

  • Maybe you don’t want to have sexual relationship, but you want to have children.

  • Maybe you don’t want to invest all your energy into raising children, but you want the human species to continue.

  • Maybe you don't have the financial resources to raise children, but you want to have children.

  • Maybe you have reproductive dysfunction, but you want to have children.

  • Maybe you are gender minority, but you want to have children.

  • Maybe you think there is too much pain in the world and there is no need to bring in new life, but with new game rules it will be different.

  • Perhaps you remain skeptical of social ethics, but have not given up the spirit of exploration.

  • Maybe you don’t want to decide your children’s fate, nationality or faith, and don't want them to follow the same old road.

  • Maybe you are an adventurer who wants to discover a new continent for mankind.

  • In other words, the children don't absolutely belong to any one, they don't absolutely belong to those who give birth, or to those who pay for the experiment. Before each child has developed free will, all mankind have the duty to rainse them, and all human beings are one family.

Participants around the world can find partners with consensus through the "Wild Lily Project", without being bound by economic status, rights and morality. As long as they have the consensus, they can contribute money or other resources, and autonomously carry out the experiments about diverse social relationships for human freedom, equality, and happiness.

People who don't want to have children are one group, and people who want to have children are another group.?

Thus more genes from the latter group are inherited.?

However, the fate of mankind and society are determined by both genes and experiences.

So, to let the genes from the first group be somehow inherited, in order to reach better equilibrium of heredity, is another issue considered by this project.?


The main directions currently explored include:

1. Artificial insemination by random donor :?male participants from all over the world send sperm to a female participant, and the female uses a mixed sperm to fertilize at one time (in vitro or in vivo). Available techniques are: intravaginal artificial insemination Intravaginal Insemination (IVI), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), Intratubal Insemination (ITI), Standard IVF (Standard IVF), Single Sperm Intracytoplasmic Injection (IV ICSI) etc.

2. Multi-family co-breeding:?For babies born by random insemination, all male and female participants act as relatives of the baby and jointly undertake the duty of raising the children.

3. Stateless newborns:?For infants born by random insemination, relatives do not take the initiative to make them join any nationality or religion without subjective consciousness.

4. Natural childbirth at home:?Public education of scientific and safe natural childbirth methods.

5. Community of natural persons:?After the birth of stateless people without fixed-blood lineages, a community of natural persons beyond national boundaries, races, languages, and cultures will exist reasonably.

Those who are interested in participating in the experiment can translate the content of this article into their native language for dissemination.

Please fill out the Google Form of this project:


We will set you up as a "co-collaborator",? so you can see the information of other participants who filled out the form, and contact them by yourself.

Please try to record important progress, logs, pictures, and videos during the experiment, and go to the Google Group of this project to publish updates:?



Wish we can inspire each other!

  全世界精子卵子流动起来 | 自然人共识体  


  • 也许你不想建立婚姻,但想有自己的孩子。
  • 也许你不想发生性行为,但想有自己的孩子。
  • 也许你并不想全部精力投入抚养儿童,但你希望人类物种延续。
  • 也许你没有多余的财力抚养儿童,但你希望有自己的孩子。
  • 也许你的生育功能障碍,但希望有自己的孩子。
  • 也许你是性别多元人士,但希望有自己的孩子。
  • 也许你认为世间太多痛苦,没必要带来新生命,但有了新的游戏规则会不同。
  • 也许你不想替孩子决定他的命运、国籍、信仰,不想让他走自己的老路。
  • 也许你对社会伦理道德保持怀疑,但并未放弃探索精神。
  • 也许你是一位冒险家,要为人类发现新的大陆。
  • 换句话说,没有所谓谁的孩子,你分娩的也不绝对是你的,你出了钱也不绝对是你的。每个孩子在具有自由意志之前,所有同类都有抚养义务,全人类是一家人。






1.异源随机人工授精:全球各地男性参与者将精子寄给一位女性参与者,由这位女性采用混合后的精子一次性受精(体外或体内),可采用的技术如:阴道内人工授精(Intravaginal Insemination,IVI)、宫腔内人工授精(Intrauterine Insemination,IUI)、输卵管内人工授精(Intratubal Insemination,ITI)、标准试管婴儿(FIV standard ; Standard IVF)、单精子卵浆内注射 (ICSI)等。


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